Project status: Closed

Coordinator: Sergio Fontana s.r.l.

Field: General

Start Date: 01 June 2018

Funded by: Regione Puglia (Innova Puglia)

Solutions: eCRF



The project was co-funded by the Puglia Region through Innova Puglia. The project leader is Sergio Fontana srl. Other partners are the University of Bari, CVBF, Sanigen, Plusimple, Stella Maris.



The primary objective of the project is the evaluation of Innovative devices for the prevention of relapsing vaginitis. In particular the goal was to assess the ability of the proposed innovative integrated approach (oral probiotics, vaginal cosmetic and functionalized pad) to restore and to maintain a lactobacilli-dominated vaginal microbiome after 2-months of use in patients with bacterial vaginosis (BV), anaerobic vaginitis (AV), vulvo-vaginal candidiasis (VVC) with or without inflammatory bowel disease and treated with antibiotic / antimycotic drug (standard therapy).

The role of Biomeris in the project involved the design of the eCRF necessary for data collection for the clinical study conducted to test the innovative device. The Biomeris team also contributed to the data extraction phase for the final analysis.