Project status: Current

Coordinator: ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, IT

Field: Clinical

Start date: september 1st, 2016

Platform: i2b2


Since 2016, ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII has activated a scientific collaboration agreement signed with FROM (Fondazione per la Ricerca Ospedale Maggiore di Bergamo), University of Pavia and BIOMERIS aimed at the implementation and maintenance of an i2b2 system supporting the institute’s clinical research activities.

The i2b2 system implemented allows researchers to obtain summary information in response to their specific epidemiological and scientific questions; with this tool is enhanced the opportunity to cross information relating to patients of the institute and from multiple sources that can be both hospital information flows, and flows from external databases possibly made available by third parties involved in sharing research objectives.

The implemented i2b2 “horizontal” project contains pseudonymized clinical data coming from different databases:

  • hospitalisation flow of the discharged patients
  • pharmacological therapies
  • outpatients procedures
  • outcomes of the chemistry laboratory data
  • anatomic pathology reports.

The integrated data cover a period of about 15 years and consist of about 1 million patients, 15 million events (visits/rehabs) and 200 million observations.

The system is configured as a valid tool for the aggregate analysis of data in order to evaluate the overall trend of specific clinical pictures of pathology and to support the development of research projects; the tool also allows to obtain quantitative indications on the number of selected cases, evaluating the adequacy to answer the questions posed or the potential size for participation in multi-center studies. In addition, the system appears to respond to the need to obtain relevant epidemiological information from the various company software against a great work of participation to feed the contents.