IceTrack is the powerful and flexible biobank management software that is easy to use.

Easy to configure and use

  • All IceTrack components can be tailored to your situations (up to the kind and size of test tubes)
  • Client-server architecture with a web-based UI that follows the best usability practice guidelines.

Implementing the standard functions of a Biobank Information System, and much more!

  • Chain of custody
  • Sample traceability
  • Test-tube logistics
  • Fast search
  • Test-tube Label Assignment
  • General statistics
  • Temporary memorization
  • Management of patients/cohorts
  • Management of patients’ informed consent
  • Printer and barcode reader interoperability
  • ISBER-2012 Best Practices for Repositories compliant

Integration with i2b2 Clinical Data-Warehouse

Integrating in a data-warehouse system the information about samples stored in the Biobank grants to the user access to fast query and research in the underlying database, selecting the patients with samples that show specific characteristics. It is self evident how such a feature could be essential to the definition of clinical trials, as well as molecular studies.