Project status: Terminated

Coordinator: ATS Val Padana

Field: Clinical, Administrative

Start date: 01 June 2017

Funded by: Regione Lombardia

Solutions: Data analysis


The project, led by DPS Solution and in collaboration with Cefriel, has led to the development of a software product, called IRISS (Social and Health Information Network), aimed at the innovative and integrated management of chronic patients through the model of the Taking Charge.

The main objective of the activity carried out by BIOMERIS, in collaboration with DSP, was the definition of indicators for the evaluation of the “Presa In Carico”, applying this evaluation method to the data collected from the use of IRISS during the project in the reference territory of the ATS Val Padana.


A. Alloni, D. Santonastaso, M. Villa, M. Gabetta, M. Bucalo and S. Quaglini, “Evaluating the effectiveness of the “Individual Assistance Plan” for Italian chronic patients,” 2020 IEEE 20th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference ( MELECON), 2020, pp. 264-268, doi: 10.1109/MELECON48756.2020.9140644. (link, pdf)