Mantra is a clinical data collection software focused on flexibility and ease of use.

  • Composed of several different software modules, each one completely customizable
  • Client-server architecture
  • Web-based User Interface, built with modularity and usability in mind
  • Patient management: creation, search (quick and advanced), preview, edit and export
  • Switch from the standard configuration with a centralized database to a network of federated databases in which every organization holds and shares the data its own relevant data
  • Fine user management: grant or restrict access (with read only or edit privileges) to single modules of the platform, specific patients or patient groups and specific sections of patient data
  • Create groups of users (clinic, laboratory, physicians …) to generalize privileges within the platform
  • Management of a marketplace for molecular diagnostics, available both for the single laboratory or organization and for consortia of different laboratories (as it is the case for some pathology networks)
  • Genetic screening management (including mutations and related evidence)
  • Management of genetic samples and integration with IceTrack
  • Computation of family co-segregation of specific  (anche ai fini della determinazione dello score ACMG)
  • Management of families though creation of a family tree/genogramgenogramma prodotto con Mantra

The integration with i2b2 clinical data-warehouse service enables the aggregation of the clinical data collected with Mantra with additional information that may be acquired for research purposes (e.g. genetic data). Such an integration allows the researcher to use routinely harvested clinical data for research purposes.

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