CAPABLE (CAncer PAtients Better Life Experience) is a Horizon2020-funded project aimed at exploiting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data potentialities for cancer care. Predictive models defined leveraging multi-source retrospective and prospective data will be integrated with existing clinical practice guidelines and made available to oncologists. CAPABLE’s mobile coaching system for patients will allow identifying unexpected needs and providing patient-specific decision support.

Data will move within the environment built within the scope of the project- data coming from patient-compiled surveys, data from wearable sensors, data from hospitals’ EHR systems etc. As usual, the main problem lies in the heterogeneity and non-guaranteed compatibility of the involved sources.

Biomeris’s role in the CAPABLE project involves the creation of the data platform to house all the information circulating in the system. This of course also implies the harmonization of all supported data towards a common model. To do this, resources like the FHIR standard and the OMOP CDM are leveraged as main tools to obtain the required result.

This way it is guaranteed that every piece of information exchanged within the CAPABLE system is compliant to the FAIR principles (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability), thus representing a valuable asset for research and clinical practice.